Does Walmart Do Passport Photos? Everything You Need to Know

If you’re planning a trip overseas or simply need one for formal purposes, you may be asking where you can get your passport photo taken. Walmart is a popular recommendation, although I’m not sure if they provide passport photos. This post will teach you all you need to know about getting your passport photo taken at a Walmart.

Passport photographs

Passport photos are photographs used for passports, visas, and other forms of official identity. The US Department of State has rigorous size, colors, and materials criteria that must be followed.

What are the benefits of passport photos?

A photo in your passport is needed for officials to confirm your identity. They function as identification when passing through secure places such as airports and border checkpoints.

Is it possible to get a passport photo done at Walmart?

In fact, several Walmart locations in the United States provide passport photo services. Visit the Walmart website or call to discover whether this service is available in your region.

How much does it cost to get a passport photo taken at Walmart?

A passport photo should cost between $7.44 and $9.44 at most Walmart locations. The pricing includes two 2×2 inch photo prints on photo paper.

What requirements must passport photos meet?

The US Department of State has tight requirements for passport photographs. Among these requirements are:

  • Photographs in color are essential.
  • You should print the image on photo paper.
  • The image should be 2 inches by 2 inches.
  • The photo’s background must be white.
  • The photo must be recent, no more than six months old.
  • The photo must show your head and shoulders.
  • The photograph must be taken with a solemn expression (no smiling).

How long will you have to wait at Walmart if you need a passport photo?

The length of time it takes to receive a passport photo at Walmart is determined by the store’s location and customer volume. It normally takes no more than ten to fifteen minutes to get your photo taken and printed.

Is it a smart idea to get a passport photo taken and printed at Walmart?

To address your query, your passport photo can be taken and printed at Walmart. You must ensure that the photograph meets all of the criteria established by the US Department of State.

What do you recommend for a passport photo?

Dress normally for the passport photo. Wear no hats, glasses, or anything else to cover your face.

Is your passport photo making you happy?

A passport photograph is not the place to smile. Keep your mouth shut and your face expressionless.

What should you do if your passport photo is rejected?

If the photo you sent is not accepted, you must get a new one taken for your passport. You are allowed to return to Walmart and get a new photograph taken.

Is an appointment required to have a passport photo taken at Walmart?

Getting a passport photo taken at Walmart usually does not necessitate an appointment. It is recommended that you call ahead to ensure the service’s availability at your selected location.

Is same-day passport photography accessible at Walmart?

At Walmart, passport photos cannot be taken quickly. If you need your passport photo quickly, a professional photo studio is one option to explore.

Is it possible to get digital copies of passport photos at Walmart?

For an additional fee, Walmart will provide you with a digital copy of your passport photo. This can be useful if you need to apply for a passport and do it online.

Is Walmart the only site to purchase a passport photo, or are there others?

You don’t have to get your passport photo taken at Walmart. You might visit a post office, a pharmacy such as Walgreens or CVS, or a professional photographic studio. A smartphone can be used to capture a passport photo, which can then be reproduced at a local print shop, saving you time and money.


Walmart takes the hassle and money out of getting a passport photo. There are various locations in the United States where you may get your photograph taken and quickly reproduced on high-quality photographic paper. If you wish to apply for a visa from the US Department of State, you must provide a photo of yourself without smiling. With a little thinking and planning, your next vacation can begin with a snapshot taken at Walmart.


  • Can I get passport photos taken at any Walmart?

You should inquire about passport photo services at your local Walmart.

  • At Walmart, you can get a passport photo? How much time does it take?

It normally takes no more than ten to fifteen minutes to get your photo taken and printed.

  • Is it permissible for me to wear spectacles in my passport photo?

Make sure your glasses do not conceal your face in your passport photo.

  • Do I get my money returned if my passport photo is rejected?

The regulations for returning passport photos at Walmart locations vary. Please contact the shop nearest you for further information.

  • How many photos do I need to provide with my passport application?

Most applications require two passport images.

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