How to Take Passport Photo at Home Step by Step in 2023?

Preparing a foreign trip? Is a passport required for foreign travel? Taking a passport photo is the first step in applying for a passport. Studio passport photos are easy to get, but they can add up in cost. If you want to save money on your passport photo, you can get it done at home.Let us talk about How to Take Passport Photo at Home Step by Step in 2023?

Here is a comprehensive tutorial for making passport photographs in 2023.

Establish the Setting

Prepare the background before taking the photo for your passport. Pick a plain, undistracted color for the backdrop. A blank sheet of paper or white wall could be used. Look around for any shadows or areas of poor illumination.

Make sure you have a solid base by using a tripod.

To get a clear and steady picture for your passport, you’ll need a tripod or other stable base. A table or a stack of books can serve as a makeshift tripod for your smartphone if you don’t have one.

Find Your Proper position

Face the camera or phone with your shoulders back and your face neutral. Keep your head and shoulders in the middle of the picture. Keep your head straight and your eyes on the lens at all times. Make sure your mouth and eyes are open.

Follow requirements of Passport Photo

If you want your passport photo to be accepted, be careful to follow the passport agency’s guidelines. Starting in 2023, passport photos must be 2 inches by 2 inches in size, taken against a white or off-white background, and depict the subject’s face in a neutral expression. Before you attempt a goal, it’s a good idea to research the local regulations.

Snap numerous photographs.

Having more than one photo for a passport application increases its likelihood of being accepted. This will increase your variety of alternatives and guarantee that you have at least one photograph that is suitable. Try shooting from close range, far away, and in-between, and don’t just stick to landscapes.

Adjust as needed, then have it printed.

You’ll need to edit and reprint the passport photos you took. Light, contrast, and color may all be tweaked with editing software. Before printing, make sure the photo satisfies the passport office’s requirements. The print can be made at a photo lab or at home with a good printer.


You may save both time and money by taking passport photos at home. If you stick to these guidelines, you just could end up with a passport photo that passes muster. Make sure you’re in the right position, using a flat surface, and checking all the passport specifications before printing the best photo.

FAQs about How to Take Passport Photo at Home Step by Step in 2023?

  • When getting my passport photo done, what should I wear?

Passport photos are taken in everyday attire. However, to stand out from the crowd, you should wear dark, solid colors.

  • Can I use a selfie stick to take my passport picture?

Taking a passport photo with a selfie stick is prohibited. If you want a clear photo, you should take it on a flat surface using your phone or camera.

  • If I smile for my passport photo, will that be okay?

No, a passport photo cannot feature a smile. Passport photos are required to be taken with a neutral expression.

  • Can a passport photo be shot with a smartphone?

A passport photo can be taken with a smartphone. To make sure the camera’s resolution is enough, contact the appropriate passport agency.

If I took my passport photo at home, how much money would I save? Depending on the market rate for professional passport picture services and your location, taking your passport photo at home could save you money. However, you can save yourself between $10 and $30 by taking your passport photo at home.



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